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I am going to change my URL.

Missing blogging so much! I will be right back soon. ūüôā

SL1M Perlis


 I have never been for a career fair in other state before this, so having the chance to fly and handle the booth in other state is really an eye opener for me.

SL1M sponsor a space for many of private companies and higher institutions to present ourselves to graduates and all job seekers in their event. They have been sponsoring career fairs event for Aegis for the past couple of months already and all had went smoothly (some hiccups but bosses had managed it well).

This time we were invited to join their huge event in northern region. Halina had arranged and¬†flew Shivir and I to Perlis for two days. At the event, we got to see thousands of audiences and job seeker. It is also a good way to promote and for company’s branding purposes.


The hug event was held at the Dewan Wawasan 2020 in Kangar, Perlis.


We arrived a day earlier to check out on the place and planned our recruitment for the job fair.





Some of the employers has already reached earlier and set up their booth before us.

We felt like we were a little under prepared but then again, Shivir shared with me his strategic plan to attract candidates using our communication instead of just beautifying booths.

After a while at the hall, we went back to hotel and had a good rest before the big day.

Not doing a proper research on the locations of the hotel, events and airport. We realized that we checked-in at the hotel which is near to the airport instead of the event location. It took us about 45 minutes from hotel to reach the event. Shivir was complaining and nagging me all the way back to hotel and I am telling you he just didn’t stop till we got back to KL. *sweat* Hahaha.

It was just because, he hates waking up too early to get to the event every morning. I got no issue on it because I am a morning person.



The next morning, we arrived nearly 7am in the morning. I guess we were the first to be there. It gave us enough time to set up and beautify our booth.



Candidates and job seekers started to flood the hall by 8am. They were ushered by the event crews to gather for a morning briefing by the SL1M speakers.

The crowd was superb, I managed to speak to about 130 candidates who visited our booth. We wrapped up for the day and left for the day.


I was getting ready for dinner with boss.

Fed him with a nice Thai food and it kept him not complaining for a while. At least for the next couple of hours. Haha


I was a little excited on the name lists I have gotten from the career fair. Spent few hours to analyse the data into an excel report.



Morning greetings from these two cool SL1M gentlemen.


Event started with a formal closing ceremony. It was attended by the Perlis¬†Chief Minister,¬†Datuk Seri Azlan Man and Minister of¬†Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar.


The registration counters were as busy as the first day.


Our good friends at the event,¬†Faiz and Mustaqim from¬†the SL1M crews and Aida and Diana from Boustead’s Group.


The second day event was shorter than the first day. The crowd was not as many as we had received on the first day, We wrapped up our booth and help Boustead’s gang to pack up their things.


Aegis was awarded by SL1M for our participation with them. We were glad that we had rebuild the relationship with SL1M again and was hoping to pro-long the partnership for future events.

Through out those two days, I have learnt few mistakes and improvements for our next outstation career fair.

1. Always come a day before the event to check and set up the places.

2. Pre-check the lay out of the hall where the event is held.

3. Always have a strategic plan of how to handle the crowd and recruitment flow at the career fair. Recruitment strategy and flow should be more simpler and shorter. Team needs to be divided by function to filter the crowds to potential candidates.

4. Always always double-check and choose the hotel which is near to the event’s location.

5. Prepare bunting and standees which is designated for career fair.

6. Always ensure that you have all the basic recruitment tools ready for the events.

decent coffee


Well, hi!

I am back to KL.

I was telling you all about my boss after 48 hours without his “decent” coffee when I was at the airport last night.

So yes, he walked into the cafe at the Alor Setar Airport to ask for a decent hot espresso coffee.

“Sorry we don’t have it here”

He was so depress, “Fine Wawa, tell them to give me the hot cappuccino or what ever coffee they have”

“So how is it?”

“Urm, this is one of the shitty coffee I taste for the past 3 days”

Hahahaha.. pain in the ass huh? Tell me about it, guys!

After we touched down at the airport, I told him I in less than 5 meters, on the right side, he can see a huge green coffee store, Starbucks.

He was rolling his eyes, turned his head around, impatiently looking for Starbucks.

Took his first sip of a “decent coffee”

He looked like the happiest boy who gets a candy.


Most complain boss on earth who finally gotten his “decent” coffee.

coffee coffee coffee


Guess what? I am at the airport and waiting for my flight to arrive at 830pm.

Man we are so bored, boss laughed at me for making a long face.

There is nothing here in the Alor Setar Airport! *cries*

No Secret Recipe, no Starbucks, no fancy shop for window shopping. *cries*

And we, we arrived 3 hours earlier directly after the event in Perlis.

I was drooling in the cab on the way to the airport. haha. Not sure if I still look vogue and pretty though (hope Boss doesn’t sees it, no?)

Yeah, back to the title, c.o.f.f.e.e

It has been driving me nuts. Somebody doesn’t take a proper coffee for the pass 3 days, you see and you can’t expect a fancy freshly brew coffee, double shot expresso or maybe a decent local coffee there in the small town. It is just not their culture to have coffee shop around the town.

This boss of mine? Has been driven nuts without caffein through his American’s throat! Haha.

To add to his misery, the place where we stayed is like an hour away from the event.

First morning,on Saturday, he had this instant coffee bought from 7E.

He complained, “Wawa, the coffee is too mile, it doesn’t help me to wake up, yea”

Same day, in the afternoon, he complained again. “I need coffee Wawa. I can bite someone’s head if I don’t get my coffee any second”

Next morning, on Sunday, he had this Old White Coffee instant pack coffee we bought from 7E. “Try this Shivir, it should be a little better than yesterdays’ “

Damn the coffee just taste so ughhh…I need coffeeee..decent coffee Wawa”

How obscene is the coffee I gave him, huh?


The whole day at the event, he’d been telling me he needs coffee.

He started telling Faiz (our event organiser) about how good coffee are tasted off, what is the difference between San Francisco’s and Starbucks coffees…bla bla bla…

At the airport, when we arrived, he was telling, “I think I can get a coffee around her, dude”

So he went to the cafe, and asked the girl, “you have cappucino no? I want one”

“Ask her if they have 2 double expresso please”

No they don’t!!!!

Goodness…. I’ll continue this coffee story later.

It’s time to board now!

KL see you soon!

to abah





Today is my daddy’s birthday and he is 75 km away from me. Same states but different city and obviously different business to deal with. He could not make it to see me so I will keep my birthday kiss for him later, no?

To Abah

(I hope you are reading this because I loveee youuu), you must know that your girls all love you too. Deep down inside us, we are and always.

Mama always say, “She’s got her daddy’s tongue and temper, all the time sometimes her mouth could ¬†use a filter, people sees him in her, so she’s just a girl version of her daddy”

You always keep us in check, always reminding us to do good, carry ourselves well and always wanting us to chase our career. I miss you kissing me when I am sick, hold my hand when we cross the road, and accompany me to study mathematics at night. You will secretly ask about how am I doing with work to mom but you never ask me up front yourselves. Sisters all complaining that you actually love me more than anyone else in the family, although we don’t always get along when we are together. But I know you do care about me and you have sacrifice and done everything that you could to raise me well till today. I would not be here if it is not because your doa and blessing, abah. It’s impossible to list down everything you do for me, but basically you are the tough guy in my life.

I may find the prince of my life one fine day, but you, you always will be the king of my life. When I hear my friends’ parents passing away or I learn of some people losing their daddy, I just cry. I can’t imagine a life without you. Even though we have differences (different era seriously…. like how he look at career path in private and government sectors), I know at the end of the day¬†you only want what‚Äôs best for your daughters. I never want to hurt you or ever see you even frowning, so I pray to God that you are blessed with nothing but happiness and paradise in the afterlife.

I love you with all my heart. You’re the King of my Heart, daddy.

Happy 57th birthday abah.

duty trip



I am out for duty trip this weekend with my Vice President (VP).

We are up north today to join the big career fair event with Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia (SL1M) till Sunday.

Write to you guys soon..

one year mark


Mid of March was actually my one year anniversary working with Aegis BPO and also their first year in Malaysia.

It was like just yesterday when I was hired to work on a telco project, transferred from headquarters to branch and back, loan to another team to provide a support, received good reviews from stakeholders and taken to a new team, then they loaned me back to my old team, which is my major skill set, the recruitment team to handle another insurance project.

A lot of things happen, mixture of hard times, happy times at work, colleagues left, the long hours, the weekends and restless months. How do we keep motivated and take the accountability of respective projects given? The answer is, we do it with high spirit and aggressiveness. I must say, everyone in the team are good at what they do. They are so talented and hardworking, thus strong enough to go through a rough year in 2014.

Changes are good to improve environment and career growth. I know I have a whole lot more to learn, but in the past one year, I do feel that I’ve absorbed so much knowledge about the recruitment strategy and planning. Maybe not enough to be promoted for more senior level but I’m aiming towards that. To list out all the lessons I’ve learned in the past one year would be impossible, but I do believe now that it all comes with experience.

I realized, the toughness in the last year’s incident ¬†has made some parts of me to change and some parts remain. I learned that being an internal human resource has taught me to learn about people’s behaviour, improving on my leadership skill, improving the way I think and strategic recruitment a lot more. By having recruitment team in the HR ecosystem, we are the frontliners of the company to help expand the project and maintain the stability of the call centre. I meet a lot of people and discover a lot about myself too while going through the process.

I found that all this has extended to other parts of my life. How I handle the everyday decisions, how to ask appropriate questions, how to negotiate, how to prioritise the important things in life. I’m slowly applying this into my life, without me realising it!



zumba on fire



I was there at the SK (2) Sultan Alam Shah last weekend.

It was all on fire and hot zumba with the happy go lucky young crowd.



The girlish Zin Riena


The cool Zin Agnes


The energetic Zin Alice


The funky Zin Nicole20150329_104732

The sporting  Zin John




The crowd were amazing. Teachers and school children were all out tapping the dance with us.


The cute little fan we have.



Red and white theme, representing Riena as her shadows on stage.




Pictures are courtesy from John’s facebook.

It was damn cool! Let’s have more fund raising zumba again, John!

free market


Have you ever party at the charity event?


Have you ever went to an event and brought back things you NEED without paying a single penny?

Well, I have. I went to a humble Free Market event organised by NGIs.


Last 15th March, we were hosting the Free Market event at PPR Gombak Setia, Kuala Lumpur.

Contributors were coming from all over the place, even from other states, gathered together to host the zero cost event.

Syed Azmi, number two from the right (in picture above), runs the zero cost concept and best known for his first event called “I WANT TO TOUCH A DOG EVENT”.

Among other projects he has done is dog petting event, helping the refugees, homeless, blind and deaf, cancer patients and abandoned babies.


I just got to know the event from a friend who was so excited to join the event. Not knowing who is Syed Azmi and what was Free Market all about, I agreed to join as they said it is a charity event. I am so eager to host and was my first time ever.


4 of us are all old friends from Universiti Malaya Matriculation roomates. It was almost 11 years since we were last met.

















As contributors, all things that are still in good condition but no longer in NEED will be brought over and displayed at their booth. We were there an hour earlier to set up the booth and organize our give away nicely.



During the set up, Syed Azmi explained what will happen when the market starts exactly at 9am. Customers are allowed to take anything that they NEED from contributors table with one condition. They need to ask nicely on every item that they wish to take, and when the contributors say yes, the exchanged will be with a “Thank You” and followed by “You’re Welcome”.

Any contributors have all the right to stop the customers from taking if customers takes too many or takes without asking. Contributors have the right to say NO. Plastic bags are not encouraged since the purpose of the event is to take things that are in NEED only.



I was super excited to fold all the shirts, arranged them according to colors and type.




The pleasantries should be finished in between 2 hours, but we just got so lucky (maybe because the things we brought are mostly in good condition) to finish all the items in just 45 minutes.




Other booths are doing so well too. They were giving away fresh vegetables and fruits to the PPR residences.

You only heard the word “Please” and “Thank You” everywhere around the Free Market.

The kind of words that had became the lost arts these days.

It’s the magic word that should be currency of the trade that day,


Nimy also invited her friend, who happened to be the owner of a saloon.

They gave a free hair-cut services through out the two hours. It has been on the favourite booth during the event. Customers are only range among the school children.



“How do you want your hair to be cut?”

“David Beckham, please”

^____^ Kids nowadays. Hahaha.




While other NGIs struggling to clear off their booth, we were already spotted having reunion picnic. Had good times chatting with the girls, talking about each others’ experience and life for the past 11 years. How times fly so fast.

Within that two hours, I learn that life isn’t just something that you DESIRE but it is all just about something that you NEED. Being at the event, I got the chance to meet all kinds of NGIs who shared their experiences and passions in helping others. Even Shayna has a thought that transparency and humbleness is more expensive and classy than any Channel bag that any of us could own.

friendship doesn’t know skin color


“We got to make time for a dinner”


“Next Wednesday”


I seldom talk about my other girl’s gang. It’s not because I don’t fancy them but it’s because we really seldom see each other.

One is into own business.

One is into new career.

One is into deadly human resource (me) – I think it’s funny, but it’s fine if you don’t think so! ^___*


This two goons. You will not stop laughing even till you have tummy cramp with their jokes.



20150304_205720 20150304_213318

The BEN’s restaurant is nestled on the second floor in KLCC mall. The table was pre-booked purposely for noisy people¬† smokers and facing the KLCC park.

We’re hidden away in the corner, so free to behave as oddly as we like and making jokes of whatever (very silly) after dinner talks we choose.

 We had so much fun getting updates from each other.

“Phew! 7 years of friendship, huh?”

“And what are we? Malay, Indian and Chinese”

I love that three of us have came together. So you know, we could make jokes on each other, while other friends from same race would feel offended, but we, we take it lightly.

Friendship. It doesn’t say it has to come with same skin color or religion. And that is how we survived together.

I love you girls. 3 more years, and we’ll be 10 years of friendship.

ako fitness at charity run


The Sunday morning, we all woke up extra early than usual.

Gathered and convoyed together to Shah Alam Botany’s Park.

It was all for zumba at ACKU Charity Run 2015.



Ako Fitness has featured as the contributor and sponsor for the charity event. It was the first time ever, even for Ako Team to participate in such running event.



Hundreds, or maybe thousands of people gathered for the warm up.



We started off as the warm up scene before runners start to run.







20150322_074520 - Copy

20150322_074350 - Copy




I was aiming at the coffee truck. Just right after zumba show, I knew exactly what I needed.

20150322_074850 - Copy

I couldn’t help myself from snapping the view of sunrise through the leaves.


Even gets excited to see the morning glory flowers blooming. What a great morning and going to be awesome, I thought to myself.





It was too crowded in Botany Park, so we decided to have a picnic in Shah Alam Lake Park instead.

Simple menu but meaningful taste. It was our first time waking up at 4am, rushed for a 630am show and ended up chilling at the park.



Once we filled our bellies, we went for one more round of zumba in the park.

An outing with them, is completed when there is zumba sesh!

reason to wake up in the morning


IMG_20150306_171442It was one of the crazy hectic Monday at work, when one of the colleague came to say hi to my VP (who is sitting next to my cubicle).

“Who is this people?”

Then he moved the frame and turned it facing the wall.

“Ah, why did you move the pictures? They are the reason of why I wake up each morning and go to work. My family”

Heard my VP said that,  it keeps me thinking the whole day of my own reason. *I was smiling to myself*

I always believe there’s always a beauty in every morning. The turn from dawn into morning gives me the chance to start anew, begin fresh.

And so, each night I go to sleep with security, knowing a new day is waiting once I am awake.

Responsibility. Family. Love what I am doing each day. That is what makes me jump out of bed everyday. *smile*

However, few weeks back when my alarm yanks me from the depths of my slumber in the morning and I hit the snooze button for the 10th times ( or maybe more than that), sometimes I do fell sick; nothing drastic or life-threatening, but sufficiently bothering for it to be the perfect “excuse” to stay home. I could “manifested” the sickness because I didn’t want to go to work. After not sure how many times of snooze, I will take a deep breath,hit the dismiss alarm button and drag my self to shower, sipping my hot coffee while blowing my hair dry and putting my make up on. All I thought if is “Okay go, few more days to weekend”.

It continues till almost several months. I started to lost interest with my work,hates my job and felt demotivated each day.

Over one weekend, I was at the gym with my girls. They were telling how pale I look like these days. Mom forced me to go for a medical check up, the doctor was telling me, I had not have enough rest and I am under depression.

I don’t easily give in type of person by nature, the more I tense over incomplete tasks, the more I struggle to get things done perfectly. I realised that I have lost the vibe and energy. I was unhappy. So I decided to choose, to find the positiveness in my job with the best attitude possible and make my life easier.

Of course, the moment I faced my situation and created my list of reasons to go to work, I started recovering from my sickness and depression.

The switch of the thoughts extremely useful to me on the following weeks. It becomes the motivator when I felt dissatisfied at work, as a way to pay attention to the good reasons behind it. Yet it seemed like it had sparkled a bigger magic; I started to come back to the old morning-person me.

I will find the certain aspects of my job that really satisfying. The interactions with colleagues at work took a whole new level of meaning, felt no longer ‘caged’ ( after a lot of changes happened in office) and I rather taking advantage of all the job they ¬†gave me while still creating my fun¬†in my personal life.

I spoke to hundreds of candidates during the interviews. I asked them the same questions I asked myself to list. I received various answers; to some,  it could be the money, the positions, the great boss, the fun colleagues, the warm environment at work, the passion, the achivement, the responsibility etc.

What about you?

heart says


InstaSize_2015_1 _ 2511955

I am just speaking my own heart #swan


zin aida mohd




Dated : 23 February 2015

ZIn Ako is still away for Umrah. The Tuesday night class was on as usual and Ain has appointed Zila to be the admin, taking attendance and Zin Aida Mohd to replace her.

“Smileeeee, here you go, my warm up, next song, ho yeah!”

The next time I joined another zin’s class, I am not buying their shout out anymore. “slow move” “slow song” “let’s warm up”

It wasn’t slow move, slow song, or even a romantic¬†warm up. It was more like a crazy move, cardio song and hitting the peak of the dance at the first two songs!

If my fats could talk, they probably screaming out, “You crazy!”


“You okay girl?”

“Yeasssss”, we replied.

“Okay, that’s a warm up”

The we turned around to look at each other through the studio mirror, with big round eyes rolled while wiping off sweats, making a signal, oyy-I-think-I’ll-faint-soon-that-wasn’t-a-warm-up-that-was-like-a-run-for-your-life kinda look.

I wish to share you more of pics during the class, but in the respects of other girls who are wearing hijabs (Includes Zin Aida) so I will just have to let you wonder my funny and not so pretty expression. ^__*

It’s a total fun of one hour with¬†this lady. Trust me, the non stop sweat you¬†get is the real fat cries. Her zumba moves will never give a chance to your fat to be there at your ass. Just pull a smile and¬†shake booty¬†with Zin Aida Mohd.

blessing in disguise



My mother’s favourite sentence.

She always tell me, stay patience and watch what Allah swt had plan for me.

She is right, but one thing she also knows, her daughter has no patience and born with extra temper. ^__^

But then again, I do agree, life needs patience and I am trying to find my way to get there. I swear. -___*

Yes, my world shattered few months back. I holding on to strength and faith, a lot of hiccups, disappointment injecting my life, things that I have done that hurt somebody’s heart, people comes and people leaves, things that I allow to happen and things aren’t.

But I know, God is in control, and everything happens for a reason.

When I discovered God has given me all the test that I could think so many times to give up and run away, I figured that I am still here today, breathing and hey, I have passed it.

Things that I always taught my interns, “Never ever give in, one day, you will sat back and say to yourself, hey, I have done that shit!”

2 months passed by, and life goes on. It is so so surreal and I thank God for blessing me. Through all the disaster, I have concluded a lot of things :

  1. Disaster formed bond
  2. Fires reveals truth
  3. Disappointments became blessing
  4. Shattered hope brought new one

I do admits, my impatience has sometimes clouds my judgment, and could never see the objective clearly.

2015 is going to be exciting and adventurous for sure. A lot of major changes in my life so far and I can’t wait to see the good or bad things that are coming. As much as bad things could hurt brings us tears and sadness, they more often brings us tears of joys. In Sha Allah.

To the new leaf! Hello March, I’m ready!



a day off


Untitled hongkong street


2 months passing through year 2015, I just need a day off.

It¬†is one of those weekends, that I just need a day off from everything. I wish to have 4 of days to be called weekends. Saturday, don’t end so soon!


sweet talks










Nana and I had this daily needs to text each other quite often lately.

We seldom do that but if we do, we almost forget about everything else in the world. No boys, no other girls gossips, just us, fashion, dreams and works alone.

I suggested for a sushi time, but somehow we ended up at the Melur & Thyme.

Quite a catchy name, right?

Sounds like traditional Malay but does it a mixture of an English too?

I was flipping the menu at restaurant’s entrance when Nana suddenly left and went inside.

“Nevermind, let’s go in”, Nana said.

There is something that Nana and I had in common. From a sweet talks, sweet memories to sweet cakes to melt in our mouth.

“I want the volcano chocolate cake!”, she was telling the waiter.

“A sec ya, a sec…urm…okay wait ya”, I was telling him

I always have this issue about choosing what I want from the menu. I’m a Gemini and I’m a visual person, I made better decision when I see more choices and pictures.


“Okay, I want this nutella cheese cake. Wait….it’s nutella right, you mean nutella the bread spread ait?”, I was sure I sounded like an aunty.

“Yes miss, the nutella. you’ll love it”, the waiter was convincing to con me with the cake.

One hour later, there we¬†gave a toast to the sunset by chomping¬†on the sluttery chocolate cakes we ordered. About her business issues, to my crazy daily issues that’s get toughen,¬†about other people’s business journey, to our plan before reaching 30s, about future travels, about many things.

We talked about many things.

“My God, Wa, I felt too sensitive these days, I think this must be the age factor”

We are getting old.

Dare I say, it was one of the sweet talks we had. The ambience at the M&T was so warm and cosy-upmarket-classy. I interviewed one of the friendly waiter, and he told us the owner of the restaurant is the child of a Royal Family. That’s explained the classy deco of the restaurant. It one wishes to have a quiet dine, this could be the place to be.

We finished just right after I received a call from office, reminding me about my homework for the long weekend. -_____-

How to get there:

8:00AM to 10:00PM 7 days a week.
Open on public holidays.
NU Sentral L5.06 & L5.06(AL),
Level 5 NU Sentral,
Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur 

Phone : 03 – 22763855


tabur east again


Good Morning Sunshine!


That’s how I stretched out myself on Chinese New Year’s morning.



Remember I told you, it is rewarding though you are going to hike a tough route up a hill?

So yeah, I can never get enough of hiking the Tabur Hill.

After I post up my picture on the instagram, a friend texted me to ask for a guide to go there.

Ohhh, why not. It’s just a way to start a new year (referring to Chinese calendar). I’m on!

The plan was to bring 18 of these boys and girls mixture from all group of friends I have.

5am sharp. I made the wake up call till I gave up putting each and everyone on speed dial. No point try to wake up sleeping beasts. You know who you are, yeah? -_____*

Alas, there was only 4 of them, 5 included me.

We didn’t need permit to hike Tabur East like the Tabur West.




Pardon Razzaq and the girls, they were so busy protecting Princess Affin (in red shirt). It was her first time hiking a hill. She was busy applying her sunblock before we started the hike earlier. Gawdddd..


Induled with the DLSR and the Tabur view.


“Asraghfirullah hala’zimmmm”

That was what they shouted to themselves when I told them that’s the peak where we were going to land.





She conquered her fear of heights. Go go girl!

I missed the chance to bring the previous girls to hike up the last peak.

But on that day, there were lesser people queued for the climb, so Razzaq and the girls had the rezeki to get to the peak.


The end of East Tabur Hill.










We made a stop at the river.


Cooling down our feet and washing off our shoes.


Like I always said, keep a prayer before you start the hike, think of the positiveness, be safe and don’t rush to climb up, it’s tough but the view is really worth it!

loves at tabur hill


I’m in love….

Yes I am making a confession, that I love hiking and climbing. If I am not to be at the gym for zumba, I would rather be at Tabur Hill.

Hiking is something that you can’t do alone. There is no fun and joy if you’re not tagging any buddy along, plus it is very dangerous.

For the past few weeks, there were lots of tragedy news at Tabur Hill but that doesn’t dampen my crave to climb. Just ‘niat’ and leave the rest to Allah swt.

My girly friends and I, we went for a hike again at Tabur on 15th Feb 2015.

This time we brought Zalikha and Kak Sue who has craved for Tabur Hill since last year.

20150215_080853 20150215_080904 20150215_080919


After stopping few times catching our breath, finally we made it to the first point, viewing the famous love island.



Enjoying the view at my favourite spot.




I enjoying having my two feets hanging in the air, just like this!



While sitting and breathing the fresh air.


While standing pointing at the Love island to the girls.


Kak Sue made new best friends all her way up the first point. These boys were so talkative and could not stop making Kak Sue laughing. They enjoyed her funny stories, though. She really forgotten she had us hiking with her, hahaha.


Zalikha and her big smile.


My bestfriend, there, behind Kak Sue.




After 15 minutes of wefie, selfie with each others phone camera, we continued the hike, since there were more groups coming over passing by us at the Love island’s point. Everyone was racing to get to the last point of Tabur East.




Just like we expected, there were so  many people queuing at the foot of the last peak, awaits for their turn to climb up to the peak. This is the main point and signature of Tabur East.

After 30 minutes, there were still more climbers in front of us; so we decided to climb down and hunt for lunch instead. No patience to wait since we were too hungry.



Met this guy after soo long. Friendly as ever.


Before we headed for lunch, we took a rest at the foot of the hill to enjoy the chilling weather.


The anti-social moment.





¬†It was moderately hard since I didn’t do any hiking regularly for the past few months back. The reward, I can promise you, it is truly worth it.

ako fitness turns 1


A year ago from today, I started my zumba class with Zin Ain.

2 years ago from today, I was just watching zumba video from you tube.

Never thought I’d be dancing like one. *flip hair*


Last 2 weekends,¬†all Ako fitness’ member were happy mingling around the Titiwangsa park. Everyone was looking so fresh and happy on windy-sunny-Sunday morning. Music was playing loudly. Zin Riena was invited to start the warm up. Riena, if it is her who do the warming up exercise, it is impossible for you not to sweat like hell.







I’ve had so much fun being part of Ako family as a zumba dancer, I never saw myself as an expert one but I always see myself enjoying every beat of the music instructed by Zin Ako.

Being part of Ako Fitness family is one of the source of my happiness.

Thank you, God and many years to come with Ako Fitness family.


sudoku sunday


IMG-20150125-WA0020 IMG-20150125-WA0021If Sunday is a rest day, why not take a giant cuppa Caramel Machiato at the Starbucks with your close swan?

It was one of those days. Sunny, beautiful, easy and free. And of course no rush in reading newspaper too! My favorite kind of morning.

It was a day of sitting and hanging around with Converse, so that only meant one thing; casual. Flats, jeans, and a huge cardigan for ultimate comfort.

IMG-20150125-WA0012 IMG-20150125-WA0013

I never played Sudoku before, was a fan of Mathematic in school but never once I played Sudoku. Shame on me, yeah I know that.

The goal of Sudoku is to fill all the blank squares in the grid with the correct numbers.

Converse was showing his skill solving the Sudoku, so I gave a try.

“How do you know which numbers to place in the empty squares?”

“You just need to make sure there no repetition of number in each column and squares”. “Put the numbers 1 through 9 into the blank spaces in the grid. Every row, every column, and every 3×3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9”

“Ouh fun”

After few times I gave up over thinking of where to put the numbers and sipped my coffee while watching. -____*

Maybe I’ll try ¬†some other Sunday.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Sunday. I know I did every Sunday. Happiness with our favorite swans. This was few weeks back. I’ll share with you my Zumba Sunday with Ako Fitness soon.

As for now, nanyte guys!



happy shooting


I was never a big fan to pose for a camera.


I hate it when people ask for a picture which I am not ready to do pose for.

I just don’t know what to do with my hand and legs, how to smile how to make an eye contact. Gee. I am not natural at all.

Group Communication (G-Com) department is one the hip and coolest department in the company. They have this fancy DLSR cam, fancy event to plan and organize, fancy advert to blast in the company e-news, like all the time. Megat and Azza always seen to be busy taking pictures of employees to be their model for their e-new every week. Their boss, Ricci is one of a kind too. Always sound happy here and there, calling up any employees randomly to snap pictures of us, creating branding advert.

So, it was me. One of those, they think could help them with the shoot. Oh nooo…

“I’m busy”

“What busy? You’re reading news not report”

“Uh-oh, but going to do report now”

“Come on now. Don’t give me excuse”

“You have to tell my boss, I can’t be missing from my place”

“It’s done. I’ve informed her already”





My couple shoot. With Lei. A colleague from another department. We jumped behind Megat (the photographer) to make each other less nervous, simply to check if we looked pretty, or simply because we just menyibuk. What ever it is, we were there, being in the office and sat next to each other was normal. But pretending to give a nice body gestures for the camera lens, was not.

“What are we supposed to do?”

“Just pretend like you girls are discussing”


“Just talk about the office gossip. But smile”

“Ahhh…okay” So we went on telling about gossips that not even happening on the floor. God knows what were we crapping, made the awkward-friendly eye contact and laugh extremely loud for the lens. We were nervous really. Well I do. We survived the moments.

But that’s okay, few shots are helpful for G-com’s next e-new issues I guess. It was fun time with Lei though, our goofy moments. haha.



So koyak this days. Like super swamped with works. That is still okay, though.

“Wawa come here, at my place, I need to discuss with you on something”, my new boss called me over to her cubicle in office.

“Okay, coming”

So I walked, I think half running towards her. In a hurry, then I bummed¬†my thigh¬†towards the edge of the desk. It was painful, I think it’s going to leave a bruise, but¬†I don’t even bother to check it. Boss is yeah, anything else later.

As I sit next to her, and we almost finish the discussion, I saw one white spot on my thigh. I brush it off quickly, thought it could be any biscuit crumps that I ate just now.

Oh-annoying-why-it-does-not-want-to-go. Oh-how-can-I-feel-my-skin-there-I-am-not-wearing-skirt-today-what. The thoughts. So I looked down and watch the spot properly.

@#$%^! Bloody hell. My pants koyak. It was torn like 1-2 inches. My goodness. I looked around, checked if anyone’s around.

I stood up, walked slowly, pretended like I was holding my blazer covering my thigh. Who to ask for needle and thread. In the office. It’s after lunch, none of the team member were at their place. They were busy with interviews, of course. Mannn,¬†I need help. ….then I saw Navjot sat her place. She’s from¬†a different department, but sitting nearby¬†my team.I just could not think, so I went to see her.

I walked towards her, quietly but anxious if anyone saw me.

“Baby,baby, babyyy”

“Yes…..what is it”

“Turned around and look at this”

She was sitting, so I stood next to her so that she can see my thigh properly when she turned her head.

“Oh noooooo…..”

“Oh yesss”

“Baby…what you need”

*I made a sewing sign*

Then she looked up at me, and said,”Ah, I don’t have it”

She pointed at Christine.

Ah, she. Christine. The girl who has solution to everything in the office. I mean, if you’re hungry, you can find food on her place.¬†¬†If you need fancy stationeries, you can find it on her desk. If you’re sad, she can give the biggest hug in the world. So if you’re just in need of time like this, I am very sure she has the solution.

So Navjot called Christine to her place. Making a sign of please-be-quiet-don’t-be-noisy-it’s-a-secret kinda look.

Then I hold her head and show her my torn pants.

Immediately in a second, she said, “yes, I have it. You wait here”


She came back from her place and gave me a set of thread and needle.

It was hilarious. I passed¬† by my boss, tip-toeing so that she won’t realized that I am going to be missing for next half and hour. Bahahaahha.

I went to the wash room and got the torn pants done. Hell, I did not how to sew, but urm I just pull it and cross it and repeat it till it’s good to go. -________-“

I came back to office floor and returned the sewing kit back to Christine. Navjot asked, “how was it? Lemme see it”

“It’s all okay now. I sewed it just now already”

Then we all laughed out loud.

Hilarious, when things like this happen in the office. ^__^


a trust lesson


I have been struggling preparing my handover as I am getting a promotion to be transferred to another department. Work has been so crazy – nothing new about that. Hence, the time reduction on my blog and even for gym. My free time now is for sleeping and any less energy usage. I’ve done loads of clean up on the desk at work, filing all abandon paperwork, stay back till 9 or 10 (not new thing for all of recruiters), constantly texting my new hires, chasing for important documents for me to prepare their personal file.


All this are just double work, which I am not happy about.

Because the person I have trust into, the one I have trust and do not mind to share my knowledge with, which I always believe can be groomed into a professional human resource staff in the future? yeah,¬†the intern¬†left me. “returned an access tag, tag in late night to office, left a 24 hour resignation”

It’s all my fault, really.¬†My friends have¬†been telling me that we shouldn’t let our intern deal with any documents without our supervision or even let them do the interviews by themselves. I was under instruction, how can I did not listen to my superior, can’t I?

I was being like oh-but-he-must-have-learn-a-new-experience-could-make-him-more-confident-once-the-internship-done, so I cleverly allow him have all the control on the documents of all my new hires who has came on board with the company. My superior has all the trust and belief in him, to get him ready to take over my role, as I am going to take up a new role in a different department soon. Promising him to be promoted as an executive after the internship period ends.

I knew it was too big and too soon for him to take up such a big project, but it was really positive, I was worry but I have all the hopes in him. Like here listen, when you take up this later, you gotta do this, do that, see look at this notes, I write it down for you. You can call me if you need me, I will help you, let me help you secretly abandon me. “future intern now will not have their finger touched on my documents, or even see how I sign my documents, that’s it!”

Few days more before I leave my talent acquisition team, and I slowly nurture my trust on him, thinking that he could handle this all well, at least by under in-direct supervision from my colleagues. Definitely, my superior will not allow him to swim in the ocean all by himself. They will offer him the support.

I get an unpleasant messages from the employees and candidates, complaining and threatening me to lodge a report to the Labor Office. I got all the shock of my life, seeing those messages, untrue facts and unhappy employees, which all wrong and not supposed to happen. I confronted him directly, asking for explanations, about why does such action¬†was taken¬†so, because he do not know how to answer and not sure what to be done bla bla bla. There were also some usual reactions there so I knew it was really just an excuse. -______-“

The day after, he was absent from the office, left us all with questions. My superior was non stop asking me, why¬†your intern¬†did not tell his absence, does he knows the process? ¬†Thinking what could had happen to him. No message of apology. No call for informing. No nothing. I knew there was more than that message I found, there could be more wrong things that happen. The only message I received was “after all, I am useless”. The expression of someone who does not want to admit his mistakes, not responsible to accept the fact, simply just run away from the truth.

So there you have it, Wawa, your first lesson with intern. I have hired 2 interns before this one, none of them dare to go over the limit, they took my trust seriously. So, I thought, the next intern I must be more linean, not so strict, treat them like a family, like siblings, scold them but yeah, make it up to them, make them understand, it was all for their good and to teach them about the real world in a corporate organization, shared all my knowledge. A friend was nice though. He told me all like “Next time, don’t put all your trust on anyone. Or maybe we never know if we’re in his situation, we would have do the same”. I just could not imagine how heartbreaking I was when I knew someone I trusted so much could have taken my trust for granted. Even though I annoyed at him for making my life difficult this past days, I am secretly ‘okay’ for him that he can restart his new life and focus on his studies. But when I think about the undone and unhappy employees, that happiness slowly fades away. hahahaha. Alright, joke aside, I seriously just thank him for the time he worked with me, he seriously made helped me a lot before. If it’s not because of one single lie he did, I could not just let him go like that.

My mom said, all this has a hikmah, I believe so. One I learn my lesson about trust and human beings. Two, having to prepare a proper handover on my own to my superior. Three, not judge a book by its cover. Four, I became more close to my recruitment team. Five, realizing that I am a better person for not backing off during hard time.

Okay now, you only got two days of extension from new boss to handover all your recruitment project to your colleague. How do you manage that, and making sure all align to the dateline? Is that include that I gotta check my emails constantly even today is Sunday? ^_^


well, don’t bowl with the ball


Bowling! That was how the recruitment team all had spent our Saturday afternoon.

That’s right! W’re super sporty people.


While waiting, they played pool.



The bowling arcade was so packed. It seems like a normal Saturday activities for the families who sat next to us. They were super excited, jumping here, clapping and there, shouting  happily.


My tiny boss posing with Haney.




Getting ready for the bowling.



The group next to us were getting strikes all the time. They were jumping up and down when they strike and went all quiet when they only strike one.

I am more interested with the snacks Angela bought for us. I would just stomp to the alley, drop the ball in which ever I like, turn back, laugh big to myself, not even care if I strike or not, turned back to the screen to check my ‘lost’ strike, and run back to the popcorn restaurant we bought. Haha.









Even so, we were all in so high spirit, watching anxiously for the other family to trhow the ball. I mean just look at them in the picture. #selfie pfftt.



The team that we all could hope to win in any battle. Gee. Bowling and us. Haha.


my triangle love


It has been awhile since we last gym together.

Niza : “So are we going to zumba together today?”

Zila : “Me? I’m not sure. Meeting and need to make sure cash are balance (She works in a bank)

Me: “Nooo…I wish I can. Going to be stranded in the office till 9 or 10..”

Some other days…

Niza: “Who is coming?”

Zila: “Mee…me..I’m on the way”

Me: ……*Silent*

There will always any of us who could not make it. We missed each other although we text and goss every single day.

Niza: “Who’s coming? Or everybody is at work?”

Zila: “On the wayyyy”

Me: “Me too babeyhhh…wait for me”

So when we really  had the chance to meet, we date each other at the gym.




I mean we went to burn our calories at the gym.

Uhh…maybe just a little picnic there too.



Don’t you worry, we ate healthy food. I mean at the gym.

 If you got what I meant. Hehe.


far east


 So the night before Kasyah texted me.

“Hey tomorrow…”


“Yeap, you read my mind”

“Was about to text you about it”

“Where to?”

“Far East”

“See ya”

Simple as that.


Taman Melawati BHP. First check point to go Tabur Hill. 730am.



We drove to Jalan K in Taman Melawati, passed by Amber Hill and parked our car nearby 20 Tree Hill area.


We walked through the construction area before we meet the starting point.


The troops and I. Kasyah in between them. Jokes mode on.


“How far more to go?”

“5 minutes more”


“Are we there to the check point yet?”

“5 minutes more”

“Serious ker?”



After passing by the construction area, we came to an orchard.


That is the view when we look back behind. The whole KL city are lying down there from the orchard hill.


We reached to the T-junction; allowing everyone catching up breath.  The right path is to the Extreme Tabur and the left path is to the Far East. I have been to Extreme before, so it was my first time to Far East.


Wall climbing in action.


Go up now. Up you go.



He is ready for everything. Oh, he is actually for every pose in case we snap his pictures. Geddit? Hehe.


Super cool girl. She led the way in front of the guys and hiked all the way with me.

20141227_084942 20141227_085011

The peak behind is the Extreme Tabur Hill.


20141227_085030 20141227_085047

Breath taking scenery as we hiked pass the rocky hills.


We reached to the check point.  20141227_085150 20141227_085153 20141227_085155 20141227_085257(0)


IMG_20141227_092931 20141227_090325 20141227_090442


After 15 to 20 minutes of break, we continued the hike right to the Far East final check point. It was about 10am.


We passed through a mossy area, it was chilling up there.


So that’s the end of the hike. Far East.


In front of us are the other peak of Tabur Hill.


Kasyah checking on chances if we could go through the obstacles and continue the hike to the other side.  20141227_093904 20141227_093854

Till we decided it was not really safe to take the risk and hiked down the hill. So we decided not to continue.

IMG_20141227_093310 IMG_20141227_093305


The hiking to Far East peak just took us less than 3 hours (at slow pace and loads of selfies).

The route is very short and almost the same¬†as the¬†Tabur¬†Hill –¬†East. It’s just that people does not know how to get to the starting point.

All of us sat almost separately, taking each others time to enjoy the scenery and the quietness of the nature.

Pfft. Come on. We were too selfie-ing and updating the instagram.

Purlisss… hehe. What do you think Kasyah was doing alone in the bushes? Privacy for insta, guys! ^_____^

20 minutes at the check point, we decided to hike back.


This two love birds and their selfie session on every 2-3 meters. Hehe. Cute.

20141227_100110 20141227_100117 20141227_103136

When headed back home, I led the troops back and these guys were just right behind me. Of course, always ready to pose in case I turn on my handphone’s camera.


We saw this house on the way up earlier. So during go back home time, we passed by and ask for permission to spend a little while at this uncle place.


He was too nice to clean up the space in case those troops came down later.


While waiting for those guys, I enjoyed the view. Stretched my leg and felt the chilling weather.

“Saya tumpang sini ya pakcik?”

“Boleh, rehat lah”

So I closed my eyes. Wow. So damn nice feelings.


“Eh, aku. Amik gambar aku”

“Stay situ. Bawah sikit. Kanan sikit. Kiri Sikit. Bawah sikit lagi. OKAYYYY”

I turn around and these guys? The modeling session has begun. *cringe*


20141227_105807 20141227_105746 20141227_105727

Could not eavesdropping them, they were talking in Javanese language.  hehe.  20141227_105721


On the way back, we passed by the construction area again.


Oh come on, just a little bit more before we reach the car, I stepped into the red mud.


“Woooooo….”, the guys shout and¬†boo-eing me. ¬†20141227_113119

The I saw Kasyah asked the kakak to clean his sandal. So kakak, lets be more productive, here clean this too.

20141227_113120 20141227_113122 20141227_113129

There you go. My shoes are cleaner. I can see it’s a hiking boot now. Okay, now the left side, please.


sugar crave


“Why did you wipe your wing eyeliner?”

“I thought it made me look like a she-male. Like not real. Not me at all. Not pretty. Not pretty at all”

“Huh, no you did not. You look just fine. It’s your normal make up day”

“No. It does. not¬†It made me look ugly”

“Uh-hurm. Okay okay”

She got her period. Yea, let’s just say it like an adult. Aunty red¬†la,¬†red riding hood la, red fairies la, all those glamor cute names does not help to make the visit any prettier ok!

So we decided to go for pastry café.


I was so busy to feed my eyes with all the fresh bakery at the oven bakery section.


“Excuse me, no picture please”

Loud voice. Silent. 1 second. Everyone pause and looked at me straight.

I looked back at the crowd who were queuing for their orders. For a second I felt so embarrassed, so stressed out and sooo guilty. Stunned. “Fuck, what am I supposed to do? The manager saw me took picture ker? Damn, I thought last time they allow me to snap pictures?”

And I saw this crazy bitch looked at me giggling. I ran towards her.

“You bitch. Why did you do that?”

We both burst into big laugh. It was a revenge for me cause I humiliated her on the escalator last few days in the mall. Haha.  Our tradition whenever we are out to town. 1-1 now huh. Bish!










That is the big pavlova that brought a big smile to my crazy swan. She didn’t complaint on that. Pheww.

“Eh didn’t you realized that we have been friends for 6 years now?”

“Oh really?”

“Sweet kan?”


“Urm..okay. Jom makan lah”



I had so much fun with her.

De’ Levain is just a great place to hang out with your swan and of course to kill your girlfriend’s sugar crave!

zumba at picnic


Just turn on the music and the girls could just dance. Like anywhere. Seriously everywhere. *grin*


After a year of all zumba fun we had together with Ako Fitness, Ain has decided to¬†organise an outing with the members.¬†It was Ako Fitness first annual activity and picnic together. It was at Kemensah – just so near for everybody’s home. I WOKE UP LATE. Well, I had a girls’ overnight at¬†Nana’s. (You have no idea how she made me talked and chatted with her with eyes closed. I think she gave up when I fell asleep for real).

I have always been the late one to Zumba class or got to know any Zumba activities lately. I was too focus on things at work, I rarely read the updates in the group chat at all. So, being late to the picnic is nothing new for the girls. I knew they felt like strangle me for sure. Haha. I’m sorry girls. I mean it. *cries*



Lots of food, enough for all of us.


Half of the team was in the pool, swimming and mixing around with the other guests. The other half busy ‘layan’ my blurriness of all the topic and gossips that I have missed out and tried to catch up. *cries*

*Cricket* Story stopped.

“So what’s next?”

“Eat..? The foods are still a lot”

5 minutes later.

“And then now what?”

“Let’s zumba?!”

“Zumba here? For real?”

“Come on Wawa. Faster get in the line”

“Uh don’t want”




Well, could not resist the beat temptation at last.

Me in action. ^___-

So many pictures to bombard here on blog, but due to respect to some hijabis girls, we have kept the pictures in private album. ūüôā

By the way, happy belated birthday Zilla. Love you loads.


respect is to be earned




“Members of recruitment team need to respect and enthusiastic about the company they are hiring for”, says one of the Vice President of the Human Resource during our grand meeting with the Chief Executive Officer. It was all about our mass expansion that company has planned towards their direction for the incoming new year. 2 hours of discussions had brought the team towards a massive and stressed plan to ensure the vision and mission of the company to become real.

Having said, we have two leaders providing the directions and movement of the hiring activities in the team, team members are always ready to face any challenges just to ensure all gap and headcount requisitions to be filled.

All the burden was then fallen drastically¬†unto the Assistant Manager’s (AM) shoulder. 6-7 years recruitment experiences have equipped our AM with the entire possible and do-able plan to ensure we meet our target and gaps.

Limited cost. Time constraint. Big numbers game.

At the end of the day, senior management will only want to see the best result produced and created. 9 recruiters and interns are the soldiers to walk the talk.

It was not easy, I can assure you that.

The question is, how did these leaders guide us to make it happen?

Early working days. Late nights. Restless weekends. Outstations.

Plans executed and it has stressed out the team members when during the period, non of the team has a work life balance.

Fights and arguments are not personal. It was just works. Commanded and demanded to work extra times. It was not easy as at times workforce felt like we are not appreciated and important. One thing that has been injected to us, ‚Äėwe run the show and we are the spotlight‚ÄĚ and that keeps the team positive and keep on striving for the best.

It is very much easier for them to run the team and manage members to execute the plans when they receive all the respect from all of us.

In between the chaotic situation, Senior Manager has decided to go on her own direction for a better career prospect. One of the long service senior management who has run the recruitment for the 10 years (if not mistaken). She left us big advice to be strong enough to face all the possibilities and the needs to be mentally positive.


Angela, the team misses her very much.

After ¬†she left, the burden and responsibility as fallen drastically unto assistant manager’s plate. He, at that time¬†has 100% became the backbone of the team and the punching back that came from all directions. Being the only man in the team to manage all ladies (that includes me) in the team, I am very sure it tickled his patience ‘most’ of the time.

‚ÄúRespect‚ÄĚ is the essential criteria on this man to run his show in the team having us all move like an unstoppable machine gun filling up all the gap and request made by the top management and operations. Having to say that, without recruitment team (the workforce), the operation team will not be able to run the projects, and if the projects don‚Äôt run smoothly, we will have an unhappy clients, it will lead to an unhappy stakeholders as profits are not generated and money flow is not generated. He did not do this over night to ensure the recruitment workforce sees the direction same as he does, but he never gives up and always fearless to command whenever it is necessary for him to do so.

Respect others. He doesn’t always the dictator when running the show. He will always acknowledge the good works done by the members. True enough, at times he will need to micromanage the workforce but keep all the trust on the team. With trust, that is how he gained the respect from all the lady recruiters in the team.

Setting a high standard goal. ‚ÄúGulp‚ÄĚ. That was we all did whenever he brought us in the board room and tell us about his ‚Äėhigh standard goal‚Äô to align with the senior management‚Äôs goal. But his fearless and confidence in making sure the plan comes together with a good plan and factual explanation.

A man with plan. That is who a good leader is. Once he presented his goal, there will be a plan to be executed. Pros and cons are discussed together. Executions happen with the accountability of all members positive mind set. It will not happen over night and last minute changes are not going to happen till the results came out to prove the plan worked.

Diplomatic and listens. Leaders are like diplomat and customer service. They are the punching bags too. They received the frustration complains and being punched from all directions. But the good one never gives up and always stand-tall to protect the team and adjust him to be able to listen and solve the problem. That is when ‚Äėdiplomatic‚Äô rules the workforce. ¬†Listens help him to keep the team work happily and less stress to keep the ‚Äėrespect‚Äô keep going and run among the team members.

The ‘he’ I am referring to is someone who has drives my recruitment skill and passion. He is one of the ‘jack-ass’ that we girls always fight in the team (especially me).

imran n team

Hey, Imran, you will be missed. Maybe not much just a little *cringe*

When elements are correct, you will gain the diamonds and it will shines like you want it to be. That is what I have observed from these former leaders of mine. There is for sure the hard times to work with them, not understandable decision, the evil command made, however, plus minus, added all to the leading value, they have gained all the respect from all of us. I believed that is how the team has never gives up and always sacrifice needs in order to make plans executed with good results.

Things to ponder for all of us, that’s including me.

an evening in janda baik


Have heard about Kopi & Kraf but never have the chance to go till last 2 weeks ago.

I was having this bonding Sunday with my swan. It has been awhile since we really hang out for fun. No business purpose. No work discussion. No nothing. Just us.

I was her co-pilot. I was in-charged to look at the map and gave directions to my pilot. I told her, okay, turn left, turn right, go straight. We ended up at the same point, we actually went around a circle and back to point one. *grinned*

Second attempt, “let’s set the destination again”, I told her.

“Keep straight for the next 1km”

We let the GPS tells the direction.

“Turn right” “In 200 meter, turn left” – This GPS lady was telling us direction.

“You has arrived”


“Where are we?”

“I don’t see any sign board showing Kopi & Kraf?”

“This is creepy. Stupid GPS nothing but wasting our time”

“Let’s reset again. Don’t give up, let’s pretend this is like an amazing race. You and I are partner. We are going to reach the destination soon. It’s near, I’m sure”

“Yeah…we will after sundown. pfft”


“Kopi & Kraf!!!!!”

“Finallyyyyyyyy. We are here baby…wuhoo. Finally, like so hard to find this place. Not so bad, I think if we join Amazing Race, we maybe could be best partner ever”

“Shut up, Wawa”


The supposedly 45 minutes journey from KL has ended up to an hour and half journey, instead. *cringe* Haha. So it was more like dinner than a high tea instead. Destination finally arrived for real. We were alive!






The signature menu is the nasi lemak and coffee Janda Baik. We ordered that 2 sets of delicious nasi lemak and mini shepherd pie; still could costs us just less than RM25. It’s an affordable price plus a bonus of its scenery and calm nature.






Was having fun¬†snapping pictures and selfies¬†until I felt my thighs all bitten by mosquitoes. So we moved to another spot away from trees where I was much happier‚Ķ until I just could not take the itchiness anymore. Let’s go home. Next time I will come much earlier, no mosquitoes I hope.


Jalan Sumsum Hilir, Kampung Janda Baik, 28750 Bentong, Pahang


de levain



JM and I were having pretty bad week. Work has been hectic and challenging. Both of us just need some place cool and cosy. I needed it more than he does, obviously! Hehe. So this good friend brought me out for a cosy dinner at  Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie .



As we arrived in the rainy night, I felt so welcomed by the warm and lovely French-style bakery that I could even smell the freshly bake breads and pastries from the entrance.


Here, they don’t take orders. So please read the instruction carefully. They are on self-service.


I remembered I was at this section for almost 30 minutes, marching here and there, could not made up my mind of which and which pastry to put into my food tray.

“it’s driving you crazy, isn’t it?” This one white guy asked me.

I grinned at him and nodded.

“Yah…you bet! Am I that obvious?”

He giggled.”Enjoy your dinner. Hope you could made up your mind before they close!”








“Which one? Which one?”, I was telling to myself. “Come onnnn..make up your mind”


The café also have a section upstairs. But it was merely 9pm, so they close the section already.




“Uh-oh…should I take this. This one. Oh, that one. Urm…wait wait..calm down..calm down..” I’m pretty sure other customers who were having dinner thought I was probably crazy already.






The feast of macaroons that I did manage to control myself not to take any.


While waiting for my main course to arrive, I just could not wait to stuff that soft and fluffy bread into my mouth.



“What taking you so long to order? And you only come back with this small cuppa?

“Ahh.. I could not made up my mind which I should take.. So I ordered pasta instead.”

“What laaa youhhhh”

“Whatttt??? Pfftt”


I almost forgotten that I went there with JM. I was too busy snapping pictures and adored the decoration, that I left JM eating his dinner alone. Hehe.

Triple thumbs up.

You should be here!

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie Sdn Bhd.

No. 7, Jalan Delima,

Kuala Lumpur,

Malaysia, 55100

Tel:+603 2142 6611

Opening hours: 9am to 9pm


Zumba with G2000


I’m back cause I miss my blog *cringe*

Hey hey…hehe.

I never say no to Zumba. A little shaky when Zin Ako wants me to be her shadow girl for an event she was invited to host. It was my second time on stage this year! Pheww..made it.

G2000 KL team was having their annual dinner at the The Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel.


We arrived early, checking out the place where we supposed to perform.



It was drizzling, so we had to change the plan to Zumba indoor instead.



On our way to Zumba with the G2000 team. The first half, pink and white mini skirt. My girls look really cute and pretty.



20141106_205234 20141106_205207

After the one hour Zumba session, Rina made new friend from Spain. They were both sharing their Salsa, Bachata dance together.


It was pretty awesome night; as the team was really sporting and co-operative. We made new friend from Spain too.




So we all know I need coffee every morning before I could consider it a morning and working time! Or else, you will see walking around like an angry kingkong at my work.¬† Coffee keeps me awake, boost my mood and make me smile too, although I am about to go in for a killer morning meeting each day. Gee…

One of my favourite coffee at every coffee shops are caramel macchiato. Freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup, marked with espresso and finished with caramel sauce… urm urm it’s indescribable. Does it sound like a magic to you?

So I was sharing about how magical taste this coffee about to a friend.

“Demm, girl I don’t even know how to pronounce that coffee name”

“It’s caramel macchiato! You should try it! It’s my favourite, have it’s brighten my day”

“What was it again? Ma-kar-tow?”

“It’s ma-chi-are-tow”

“Urm…okay okay, one day if we go, order me that, I want to try”

“Okay sure…”

So one day I was having a bad day, he¬†texted me, “’s your day?” “Nahh..not so good”…. “Sure you need coffee la right”…”Ya..yes please!”…”Okay, maCHIto?”




sunday with aunties


Ouh, well hello! *Both arms up!*

Wait…let me pull of the spider web here…*cough * *sneezed*…myyy…it’s been so long I didn’t write you anything huh, there’s dust and spider webs everywhere…sheesshh.. Creepy October just passed¬†guys! I have loads loads and loads of memories to share with you, I will write it all soon. But first let me share with you my happy weekend, today!

You know your bestfriend loves you when they willing to sacrifice their Sunday morning lazing around with you, when you were having this God-I’ve-just-passed-my-one-creepy-hectic-October moments. You really need that lazy Sunday hang outs. No gym? Bad cough? Bad flu? Ohhh mannn…just duck ittttt…I’d dated my gff! *grinning*

So yeah, these two aunties, Mas and I started off our morning with a late breakfast and talks for hours, updating each other from A to Z. Not sure who’s listening and who’s telling stories, both of us didn’t pause even for a second. Haha.

Then, we went to the pet shop. I will always stopped at the pet shop if I ever sees one. I played with the poodle at the pet shop.¬†That furry little cre√§ture just made my day, really made my mood go so happy!!¬†It was trying to bite the mirror and jump out to me. , baby I can’t touch you! I played with the poodle and even talked to it. It was like she understands I’m talking to her, so she jumped and stood on her two legs. The other second she walked right, left and in a circle wagging her cute little tail. Too bad, they don’t allow me took a picture of the pets there. Mastura was busy in front of the pet grooming room, watching those tai-tai puppies and kittens getting ready like royals.

IMG_20141103_000046 IMG_20141102_164931

We spent so many hours at the home diy shops, stuffed our tummy with Big Apple doughnuts (with no regret at all, ehem!) and additional hours at the supermarket.¬† Not that bad, we had fruitful woman to woman discussion about the prices, the brand, the ingredients, which are more cheap, which are more healthy, which are more good ones, you know…like those aunties in pasar!

IMG_20141103_000243 IMG_20141103_000331 IMG_20141103_000152

“Eh don’t take’s not good”

“Eh, you know ah, this one is cheap but the fat is lower..”

“Eh, how ah, should I take the big bottle or small? The Ah-Huat coffee or Nescafe?”

“Eh, you’re taking red apple or green apple? Make sure it’s good one. Not rotten. Check firsttt…check..”

“Haiyahh…this one ahh..bottle only nice, but the price not worth la..better take that one la..bottle nice, price nice…”

I left Mas at the fresh food section, I went to find my coffee stocks and came back found her with some random aunties discussing about the frankfurter. “This one not so fresh” “Ya a days, price only high, quality so bad one”..Erm..okay..she made new friends it seems.

When we settled down everything and sat down in the car, we shook our head.

“Wow, we really spend time at the diy shops and supermarket like nobody business huh”

“Yah…urm selfie?”

IMG_20141102_235344 IMG_20141102_235754 IMG_20141102_235450

It’s amazing how you could spend your Sunday with a best friend at some random aunty spots (joking) and don’t even realize the time flies.

I came back to a busy bedroom project, had my S.W.A.N lightings up tonight! Bought them at the DIY Shop – Kaison today! Can you see the spelling? I’m like a small kid with candies and toys sitting at the wall, end of my bed, watching over the S.W.A.N. Contented!!!


I bought mama a vase and red fake tulips for her dining table. I went to her dining room later, saw my sister was carrying it away from the table. I asked why, she answered, “Damien (our cat) and her babies pull the flowers off the vase just now. I am going to hide this flower.”…Urm beautiful tulips gone waste. Add to shopping list, cat’s cage!


eiduladha mubarak everyone!



Ediuladha Mubarak everyone!

The essential of all hari raya in my fammily is to have rendang, ketupat palas, some cute cookies and cakes!

I really can’t count my blessings enough. Both of my parents are staying with me and I still have my 3 sisters around each day I wake up to another day.

To conclude, I embraced the old times, the new times and forever it will be. Hope you guys have a great long weekend too!

Salam Eiduladha and maaf zahir batin from the bottom of my heart.




Gosh. I got this from my diva swan, Lydea the @my_zetarose and I seriously have no idea what to write at first. I am sure I have more than 20 facts to be known of but yeah, only 20 alright…so here you go!


1) My last name is a combination of my dads’ (HALim) and moms’ (Shudz) name = HALS. So I am Wawa Hals.

2) I’m not a smoker. Many people think I am smoker or at least used to smoke before. The fact is I don’t even know how to puff shi-sha properly. So, I prefer not to be involve in anything smokey.

3) I love Baby song by Justin Bieber. I don’t care how people mocked him, cause I love JB!

4) I am partially a diet freak. I love anything healthy, green smoothies, fruits, raw salmon and stuff. If I don’t see any hearty food, I could go on and stick to the healthy diet.

5) I am too partially a food lover. Haha. I love hearty Malaysian food (like Satay, street food, cheesy OTAI burgers…damn I can even smell the taste of it already now), Italian food (anything pasta, cheesy and freshly baked from oven), English pastries ( you will see only my face at the pastries bars in hotel buffets and I am even blessed with talented mom and sister who love to bake at home) , Japanese¬†sushi ( you can see how many sushi I could stuffed into my tummy) etc.¬†You know, I can go on with the lists of food, thus I need to slap my cheeks and try to stick to point no 4.

6) I hate spicy food. I just don’t like torturing my taste buds and tongue!

7) I am phobia with coackroach at home ( I could cry my lungs out if I see one at home!) and big ants in the forest (if I go hiking, I will try avoid the ants).

8) I used to have a diary each year since I was 6 years old…till I quit when I was 25. I started this blog not long after.

9) A guy who wears a nice pair of shoes  makes a big impression.

10) I’m rubbish at singing. I don’t and never enjoys karaoke at all.

11) I totally don’t mind mornings at all. I even would be more than happy I could wake up fresh in early morning and sipping a nice cuppa coffee. But I could also sleep through out the 12 hours of the day. Haha.

12) I love anything DIY. I would want to try them at home. DIY home facial, home body scrub, cute workout shirts, scrapbooks, anything…you name it!

13) I don’t enjoy raining days. I prefer sunny day cause it symbolize a happy and productive day for me.

14) I love anything about Latins. I used to be one of the fluent Spanish speaker in University but I have forgotten how to after many years of not practicing. I love latin dance too. The closest to it now is by doing Zumba. I pretty much spend my time at the training class.

15) I love heights. Never afraid of heights before. I find it fascinating when I could be at the top of a hill or a rooftop seeing the area in the city. It is even better if it is at nights!

16) My first love was Leonardo D’Caprio, Freddy Prince Junior and Shah Rukh Khan. I am not sure who comes first but I prefer to consider they are all my first loves! Teehee.

17) I am afraid of the dark. I can’t and will never shut my eyes properly if there is no light at all in the room. So, blackouts in town will pissed me off.

18) I’m a coffee lover. Uhmmm…freshly brewed and most of the time I love to have it hot!

19) I am not a fan of ice-cream cause I used to had a brain freeze when I was 9 and I hate it. I probably had eaten only 3-4 times of ice-cream (probably one scoop) this year – just because I am too thirsty or someone insisted me to eat.

20) I am a short-tempered girl. Easily gets angry and easily cooling down too. It depends on the case, seriously! -____-

I finally made it. It took me  an hour to write the 20 honest facts about me, Lydea! I know you have nominated me like few weeks already..sorry too late. Hope you enjoy reading it!  xoxo


sushi zanmai


After my pathetic weeks of rushing different dates of project timelines, I am finally could enjoy a long weekend sleep. Not event bother to think¬†of my Zumba or gym training. Nahh… I want to rest for a while from everything.

I wasn’t so keen to blog due to my situation. Super duper crazy busy and tired. Mentally tired.

But, when my friend asked me, “Are you still alive? It’s disappointing, everytime I visit your blog, there is no updates”

Oh damn. Sorry, was too busy alright.

So here is the post about sushi zanmai to tempt you! Food always change my bad mood nowadays. Hehe.

Before I start, let me remind you, don’t ask me the name of the sushi, cause I can only

remember how to describe the taste…like uh-oh-uhm…yummy!¬†IMG_20140921_153343


IMG_20140921_153538 IMG_20140921_153420 IMG_20140921_152939 IMG_20140921_153013 IMG_20140921_153052 IMG_20140921_153126 IMG_20140921_153157


If you are looking for a fresh sushi and good service restaurant to chill with your buddies, please go and try Sushi Zanmai!

You surely will regret if you  never taste it.


Lot M-19, Mezzanine Floor, Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +603 2181 8810 / 012 225 1200




Masquerade PINK Party


Attention zumba lover, danza kuduro your heart out to Zin Ako next zumba party.

In the conjunction of breast cancer awareness month, Zin Ako has decided to organise a 90 minute Masquerade PINK Party.

Such a noble plan, Zin Ako will transfer 50% of the party profit to Breast Cancer Woman Association.

Let me tell you, this program is a breath of fresh air. For all girls who admit that they are lacking of dancing skill, this is the time you could shy away and gave away an opportunity to let go and just dance.You know, that crazy moment when you really stop caring what everyone else thinks and you just shake it.

I am surely going to be very busy practicing my zumba steps with the Ako Fitness team. How about you? Let’s join us on this October.

IMG-20140908-WA0013So excitessssssss!!!!

Check-out more about our party at :

leaving temporarily


We are not colleagues, we are family.

20140919_13293420140919_132939That is how I wanted to address my little working family here in KL Office.

IMG_20140919_133030Since 1st April, we started off the new branch with a small groups, facing hiccups and hard times together. Then our family grew into bigger group and we stick together through thick and thin.

This end of September will be the 6 months anniversary of us all in KL office working together. Since things are getting stabilize in the new office, management has decided to make a little change to ensure KL team could explore the changes and the environment back in the headquarters.

“Bee has to go back to headquarter and swipe with Francine for the next 6 months”

“Sri and Fong will go headqurters effective October. Fong will swipe with Shalia permanently. Sri will swipe with Anand just for the next 3 months”

“Wawa, you will need to support this project on both sides. You are also will taking lead on few more assignments from HR team. Thus you will be in headquarters for the next 1 month or two”.

Same team, same project but different locations.

The changes were so fast. It started of with my first intern who left to further her Degree, then Bee went back to headquarter. Personally, I felt like the decision ripped our little family. Of course, we will still see each other (not so often, but the chances are there since it is for the same project, same company though), will bummed into each other for the project meetings and stuff; but it would not be the same and fun as we used to be. It was a really good memory back then.

From the professional perspective, I know all this decision is align to project’s goal. No decision is taken for personal reason, it is all just work purposes. I will be given more chance to assist and handle few more projects and assignments from HR team.

So one afternoon, we sat down together discussing about who is leaving temporarily and when we will be back to our small family.

Where do I begin with my emotions? I know it is not like we are all not going to see each other forever, but it will be difficult when you have already work together in the same office and being so close to each, it will hard to imagine that you will apart even for temporary. Super drama me, but I am a clingy person by nature.

But you know, I am super grateful. To God, first and foremost of letting us all knowing each together, giving the KL team the strength to face all the hard times; never once that any of us gave up. Operation and HR team were full of hopes that we could manage the new project successfully. Because of our positive mind, we have expand the team healthily for the past 6 months. It’s definitely not easy (but then again, nothing is easy!).It is very hard to find genuine people to work with you and treat you like a family instead of us ouh-we-are-just-colleague-this-is-just-my-job kind.

We do our jobs everyday, with lots of laughter in the office. The fun and positive atmosphere allow us to go through the tough time calmly. I am so lucky to have a team of wonderful people who work very hard.

This month end, there will be a lot more coming our way. I just could not wait till we are back to the old us again next year!

Stay calm, to the new leaf!